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Welcome to The Mordecai Project … a Christian ministry devoted to healing, protecting and empowering women around the world. I hope this site will become a valuable resource for you.

When Jesus Christ came to earth 2,000 years ago, He challenged the religious and cultural rules of a male-dominated culture. While other rabbis believed it was improper to teach women the Bible, Jesus called his disciple Mary to sit at His feet. While other religious leaders refused to go near bleeding women, Jesus healed one. While the Pharisees shunned Samaritans and divorced women, Jesus had compassion on the Samaritan divorcee and commissioned her to be an evangelist.

And while some misguided Christians have distorted the Bible to oppress and restrict women, true Christianity liberates women. The gospel proclaims that men and women are created equal. In the age of the Holy Spirit, both the sons and the daughters are empowered to “prophesy” (Acts 2:17).

As an author and speaker, I am committed to proclaiming this message around the world—through preaching, teaching, conferences, books, tapes and videos. I invite you to join my team, or simply use this site as a place of healing and spiritual refreshing. Enjoy!


J. Lee Grady, Director
The Mordecai Project


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