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The 10 Lies the Church Tells Women


Lie #1
God created women as inferior beings, destined to serve their husbands.

Lie #2
Women are not equipped to assume leadership roles in the church.

Lie #3
Women cannot teach or preach to men in a church setting.

Lie #4
A woman should view her husband as “priest of the home.”

Lie #5
A man needs to “cover” a woman in her ministry activities

Lie #6
Women who exhibit strong leadership qualities pose a serious danger to the church.

Lie #7
Women are more easily deceived than men are.

Lie #8
Women can’t be fulfilled or spiritually effective without a husband or children.

Lie #9
Women shouldn’t work outside the home.

Lie #10
Women must obediently submit to their husbands in all situations.


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