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"From time to time a person will appear on the world scene with incredible revelation from the Word of God. Often we call them a "reformer." Lee Grady is such a person! His fresh insight concerning God's plan for women is destined to change the course of the Church in history!"

Rev. Barbara Wentroble
Author, Prophetic Intercession; Founder, International Breakthrough Ministries, Dallas, Texas


"God has uniquely anointed and appointed Lee Grady to deliver a vital message to the Body of Christ in this hour. His message is both revelatory and biblically sound. Having the priviledge of ministering on many occasions with Lee, I see his message restoring both men and women to God's original plans and purposes. From this breakthrough they are enabled to converge for effective partnership in every area of life. I commend Lee, not only as a friend but also as a man of intergrity, insight, sensitivity and courage."

Rev. Naomi Dowdy
Founder, Trinity Christian Center, Singapore


"Since high school when Lee Grady was in a discipleship group with me, he has had a passion to pursue God and His purposes. Today, no man speaks more clearly or sensitively about restoring women to God’s original purpose than Lee. I stand in amazement at the work of the Holy Spirit in and through him!"

Rev. Barry St. Clair
Youth evangelist, author, Jesus Focused Youth Ministry; Founder, Reach Out Youth Solutions Atlanta, Georgia


"Lee has carefully chosen to take a stand with the Scriptures on crucial matters that have adversely affected the spiritual health of the church and the involvement of women in ministry. He is globally minded and widely traveled, and he stands out as a gift to the body of Christ."

Rev. Mosy Madugba
Author, Africa’s Time of Recovery; founder, Ministers Prayer Network, Port Harcourt, Nigeria


"Lee Grady is one of those rare people who models passion, honesty, courage and healing with every word he speaks. As a trained journalist, he helps us understand the issues that confront us---or need to confront us--from around the world. As a prophetic communicator, He shows us the way forward using faith and the clear light of Scripture. Lee carries a pure heart for God and His people. I trust him, and am privileged to count him as a friend."

Rev. David Cannistraci
Author, The Gift of Apostle; pastor, GateWay City Church, San Jose, California


"I honor and respect Lee Grady because my husband, Danny, and I have seen him live a life for Christ behind the scenes. We have also been privileged to minister with him from the magazine to the pulpit to the street corners. We are impressed by the burden he has to promote truth. Lee is a trench soldier on the front lines of ministry and we salute him."

Rev. Kimberly Daniels
Author, From a Mess to a Miracle; founder, Spoken Word Outreach, Jacksonville, Florida


"I love the way God uses this man. He is like a signal fire on a distant mountain, alerting the church to impending realities coming at us, yet he also stays sensitive to what would weaken the church from within. As a prophet, Lee is unafraid to take on ideological and theological distortions in the wider Body of Christ, and his perspective on the worldwide church is unparalleled. Despite this, he lives very close to home and always finds the real, individual people in the crowd. He champions and seeks the same ones Jesus sought."

Rev. Daniel A. Brown
Author, Enjoying Your Journey With God; pastor, Aptos Foursquare Church, Aptos, California


"Lee Grady has an assignment by God, and he has taken on the responsibility to accept it----full throttle! This man is anointed to tear down philosophies of men, religion and tradition that have held women in captivity for centuries. It is uncanny how God uses Lee to set His daughters free and to dismantle religious spirits over their ministry. He is an end-time voice for the harvest to be reaped by all the Father’s workers, including His daughters."

Judy Jacobs Tuttle
ecording artist; author,Take It By Force; founder, His Song Ministries, Cleveland, Tennessee


"Lee Grady is more than a friend. He is a brother who is ready to fight hypocrisy. He is an extraordinary man of God, a man with passion for integrity and righteousness. His message is a prophetic voice of awakening, repentance and reformation in the body of Christ. Lee’s passion is to see women set free from the lies of religious spirits. He is helping them finding their crucial position both in the Kingdom of God and in society."

Rev. Samuel Lee
hurch planter, author, Blessed Migrants, Samuel Lee World Evangelism Amsterdam, the Netherlands


"Lee Grady is a fresh contemporary voice, speaking ancient truth to a wayward American church. When he speaks, I listen. When he writes, I read what he has to say. You would do well to do the same."

Rev. John Chasteen
Dean, Southwestern Christian University Graduate School, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


"Lee Grady is a key leader for today's followers of Christ. He displays both courage and kindness as he proclaims truth through his words, his actions, his intercession and his character. We need a genuine saint like Lee in this world of doubt and power struggles. By writing and voicing reality, Lee lets his Father reshape many lives locally and globally. Lee is a true Christian and a true servant. I am honored to call this man of courageous kindness a true friend."

Rev. Chris Maxwell
Author, Changing My Mind, Campus Pastor, Emmanuel College, Franklin Springs, Georgia


"We prayed for years that God would raise-up articulate, biblically grounded spokespersons who could popularize biblical equality at a global level. After reading 10 Lies the Church Tells Women, I recognized that Lee Grady would be used by the Holy Spirit to bring biblical reform not only to hearts and minds, but also to global structures. I endorse his ministry with enthusiasm and appreciation to God."

Mimi Haddad
President, Christians for Biblical Equality, Minneapolis, Minnesota


"My friend Lee Grady has a word that is "in season" for the body of Christ. His revelatory teaching on women is a necessary component in seeing great revival come to places that have been arenas of oppression for so long. Lee in a genuine guy with a heart for God!"

Rev. Bruce Ladebu
Director, Forerunner Global Ministries, Meadville, Pennsylvania


"The Holy Spirit has positioned Lee Grady at the critical juncture of media and anointed personal ministry. He combines informed prophetic discourse with a clarion call for the church to again be holy."

Rev. Doug Beacham
Author, Rediscovering the Role of Apostles and Prophets, Director of Foreign Missions, International Pentecostal Holiness Church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


"Lee Grady is a man of integrity and grace who effectively communicates the wonders of Jesus in relevant ways. He has a heart for God that calls him to the nations with a prophetic message of truth spoken in love. It's a message of strategic insight and encouragement, unlocking the pathway of freedom for both personal destiny and broad kingdom advance!"

Bane and Barbara James
Founders, Joysprings Foundation, former directors, World Intercession Network, Franklin Springs, Georgia


"Lee is a lover of all people as well as an uncompromising man of truth. He is a tremendous vessel of the Lord because he chooses to please God rather than man. It is an honor and privilege to witness both the mercy and truth of Christ flowing from his life. Joyce and I stand with our friend who is a carrier of the truth that sets people free from cultural and religious bondage."

Robert and Joyce Ricciardelli
Visionary Advancement Strategies, Boone, North Carolina




Lee Grady

My official biographical statement goes like this: “J. Lee Grady is an author, award-winning journalist and ordained minister. 

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