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Peru and Bolivia, June 2007

I returned from South America on June 24 after 12 days. Here is a summary of this amazing journey...

** Our time in Lima, Peru, was amazing. Pastor Johnny Enlow and his wife, Elizabeth, brought a team of about 14 people from Daystar Church of Atlanta to support the conference and serve on prophetic teams. The two men I brought with me, Charlie Daniels and Gennady Vitorsky, fit right in and we loved ministering with the Atlanta folks. I spoke three times during the conference and we saw both men and women delivered from the effects of machismo. Johnny brought powerful messages about how the church must take the “Seven Mountains” of secular society; meanwhile Elizabeth did an awesome job teaching the Peruvians about intimacy in worship.

** I proclaimed the message of gender equality throughout the week, using Genesis 1:26-28: Egual (equal) is not a word that men commonly use in Peru to refer to their wives or other women. But the Lord shook old mindsets and challenged old religious and cultural traditions. It is becoming obvious that the Lord is igniting a spiritual reformation in Latin America as the church confronts this issue.

** On the second night a very dignified lady came into the meeting and sat on the front row. I did not pay much attention to her since I tend not to look at people’s faces when I preach. After the message I asked the men to form a prayer tunnel, and then all the women began to go through the tunnel to receive prayer. It took about 40 minutes since there were at least 600 women there that night. The dignified lady went through the tunnel and then went into a room in the back of the church with some ladies on the team. I later learned that this woman was a national senator—and she got saved that evening! The rational side of my brain would tell me that a senator would not want to go through a prayer tunnel or watch people falling on the floor after being overcome by the Holy Spirit. But God touched this woman in a deep way.

** Because of Johnny Enlow’s many connections in Peru (he grew up there), we were asked to go to the National Congress building to pray in some offices. The president of the Congress, a wonderful Christian woman, asked us to pray for her staff. Two women who assist another senator were saved after we prayed and prophesied over them. Then on Friday I joined with one of the prophetic teams to pray over the president of the Congress, who has had many political battles recently. She was powerfully touched. Then on Saturday the general of the entire Peruvian military arrived at our hotel (with three armed vehicles) to receive prayer and prophetic ministry from our team. It was amazing to see how the leaders of this nation are so hungry for a touch from God.

** Sunday was an intense day because I preached in four church services. Since it was Father’s Day it was a perfect time to challenge the men to break free from old mindsets and reflect the Father’s heart for His daughters. And they were thrilled to hear that my oldest daughter, Margaret, is headed to Lima in July for a two-week mission trip with her college.

** I know that a rich deposit of God’s Word was made in fertile soil, and that the message will spread far beyond Lima. Many pastors from different parts of Peru came to the conference and were stirred when they heard the message about gender equality. Few people are preaching this in South America but they realize that the women are suffering greatly. Many pastors are asking for me to return. I have already committed to go back soon to a city called Tarapoto, where the indigenous women are horribly abused.

** After saying goodbye to the Atlanta team, I flew to La Paz, Bolivia, with Charlie and Gennady. Three women from Life Church in Allentown, Pennsylvania—Ruth, Carmen and Sandra—joined us there to serve in the conference and pray for people. We were overwhelmed by the love and humility displayed by all the leaders and volunteers from Ekklesia Church. Pastor Alberto Salcedes and his wife Sylvia have done an incredible job building this congregation. The church in La Paz, has about 12,000 members and they have planted dozens of other churches in Bolivia and in other nations.

** We arrived in La Paz at God’s appointed time. The local indigenous people were actually celebrating their New Year the day after we came—so we felt it was a prophetic moment to announce God’s new plan for restoring men and women to their original design through Jesus Christ. Bolivian women suffer horribly from abandonment, violence, neglect, incest, molestation and discrimination. The need for our message was overwhelming.

** In the mornings I was the featured guest on Pastor Sylvia’s live TV program, “Vaso Fragil” (Fragile Vessel), which is seen in dozens of nations through Enlace Television and other networks. We confronted the tough issues of machismo and domestic abuse, and many women called into the program to tell their stories and to ask for counsel. It was exciting to realize that God was taking the message so far beyond the confines of the one church where we were doing the conference. During one of the broadcasts I knelt in front of two women who had been denied ministry opportunities by church leaders. Everyone who saw this said they felt a powerful anointing on that moment and we believe the Lord was releasing healing throughout the region as viewers watched.

** Each night of the conference was a different crowd. Wednesday was for women, Thursday was for men and the last night was for men and women together. The women packed the place out, with 3,000 in the main sanctuary and another 500 in the aisles and foyer. It was impossible to do an altar call for abused women because most of them would have needed to come to the front and there was no room. So I had to trust that the Lord was moving among the women and doing His work. I was able to do an altar call for salvation and more than 120 women came forward to receive Jesus!

** The men’s meeting was incredible. That night I had arranged for us to have a visit from “El Pepino,” a clown who is known in Bolivia as being a symbol of machismo. Every year in a festival, El Pepino comes out and starts hitting women with a stick while everyone laughs at his antics. They just view machismo as being a funny part of their culture. In the festival, El Pepino is carried to a cemetery and “buried,” but he is “resurrected” every year to continue his foolishness. When El Pepino came into the back of the auditorium on Thursday night, I ordered him on the stage. I took away his club, hit him on the head with it and told him that his days were over. Then a group of men wrestled him to the ground and we placed him in a casket. As he was carried out, I declared that El Pepino is not coming back from the dead anymore. Machismo is over! The crowd went wild and this scene was captured on the conference DVD. We learned that everyone was buzzing about “the end of El Pepino.”

** At the end of the men’s meeting at least 60 or 70 guys got saved. They also stood in long lines to receive a hug from me or the guys on my team. The Father’s healing love was truly present to heal these men at the deepest level from their own abuse issues.

** I used a lot of drama in my sermons and the Bolivians loved the visual aids. We acted out the story of the Samaritan woman, the woman caught in adultery, Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus, and the creation of Adam and Eve. All of these moments were recorded on DVD and we have heard that the messages have been selling widely. That means that even after we are gone the gospel will continue to spread beyond La Paz.

** The Lord was with us, and he helped us overcome sickness and the challenges of the high altitude in Bolivia. My young disciple Gennady did not feel good in La Paz and had to be on oxygen some of the time, but he still was able to pray for men and receive impartation from the conference. On Thursday night after the breakthrough in the men’s meeting I got hit with terrible stomach pains. I did not sleep all night, and the next morning the church’s doctor told me I had food poisoning. A few minutes before the TV show I threw up, but then they put some makeup on me and made me look normal! The Lord gave me the grace to do the show and to preach that night even though I felt weak. We saw wonderful healing released to married couples, abandoned women and abused women on the last night. When we are weak, He is strong!

There were so many other things that happened on this trip but that is the summary. I know that it would not have been successful without your prayers. It was so obvious to us that the Lord was covering, protecting, guiding and empowering us every day.

Posted by Lee Grady on July 8, 2007 05:59 PM

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