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Atlanta, Baltimore and Nashville / July, August 2007

Here are some highlights from the past few weeks of ministry during July and August:

Breaking Cultural Bondage in Atlanta

** Our first Apostolic Women Arising conference in the Deep South was a great success. It was so great to have my wife with me this time. Barbara Wentroble and her awesome staff deserve a medal for the way they organized the event in the face of many obstacles. All the hassles were worth it because, in the end, women were powerfully changed. One woman I know from Athens, Georgia told me last week: “My ministry in the marketplace has shifted to a totally new level since AWA. I feel like I was clothed with a regal garment of authority.” That is what happens at AWA—women discover their authority in Christ as old mindsets and limitations are broken off of them.

** Barbara Wentroble, Naomi Dowdy, Indri Gautama and I ministered for four days in Atlanta. On Thursday night I did a message called “Your Cultural Bondage Is Gone With the Wind”—which was about how we must break free from old Southern cultural ideas about women and their “place.” I felt that all week we were warring against the old Southern strongholds of racism and gender bias. In my message I made several references to the movie Gone With the Wind and how culture pressures us to conform to wrong views of God and gender. At the end of the ministry time that night, the pastor of the church where we were having our meeting (Rev. Buddy Crum) got up and asked to share something important. He told us that his church’s property was once owned by a book publisher. He said that many years ago the author of the novel Gone With the Wind, Margaret Mitchell, came to that very property and arranged to have her book published. We felt that God ordered that tiny detail to let us know that He is unraveling some powerful strongholds that have paralyzed women in the South.

** That night I led the women in a prophetic act. After challenging them to take their spiritual “territory”—their ministry, spiritual gifts, etc.—I asked them to come to the altar to get a small baggie of red Georgia clay. I had asked local Atlanta intercessor Jacquie Tyre to bring several hundred bags of this dirt for the meeting. The women held onto that dirt and we began to make prophetic declarations over them, asking God to shift them into a new level of authority so they can take territory for God. It was such a powerful moment. I was especially blessed that we had so many African American women with us in Atlanta. We truly broke through into a new place of racial unity and it was wonderful to see these black women claiming Georgia for the Lord. I believe we are going to see a release of women from Georgia going on the mission field.

** On Saturday I did a message called “Dealing with Your Men Issues.” I have done versions of this message in the past and it seems that every time I preach about it, women come in large numbers to the altar to receive healing from abuse, whether it was from husbands, fathers, brothers, boyfriends or pastors and spiritual leaders. There is always a sovereign outpouring of grace and healing that is poured over the women and they just begin to weep while some are delivered on the spot. I believe this is just a manifestation of the Father’s incredible love as He is rescuing His daughters from the bondage of their past. Thank you for praying for this precious anointing to increase.

Building Bridges in Baltimore

** Immediately after the Atlanta meeting I flew to Baltimore to do a series of meetings at Kingsway Christian Center, led by my friend Terry Bailey. It was a powerful time of prophetic ministry and teaching. My heart was so knit to the people there. It was also special to have my young Russian disciple Gennady with me during most of the event, and he was able to share his testimony and do some music ministry during the week.

** It was prophetic that Gennady was with me, because a lot of what I shared had to do with immigrants and why God is bringing them to the United States. The Kingsway church has a strong call to reach immigrant communities in the Baltimore/DC area. On the second night about 80 members of a Hispanic church in suburban Washington, D.C. came and sat in the balcony. They were using headsets to hear the message in Spanish. During the ministry time I asked them all to come to the altar and I began to prophesy over the pastor and his flock, and several individuals. Bringing these precious Spanish-speaking people to the front of the auditorium was God’s way of including them and honoring them—because many of them feel rejected and unwelcome in Anglo churches. By the last night everyone in these meetings understood that God is serious about mobilizing His church for a true Pentecost—which involves reaching EVERY ethnic and racial group for Jesus.

** One the last day I addressed a luncheon for area pastors. I taught on why we must shift from professional Christianity to relational Christianity—and how we must reclaim New Testament love and humility. After the message I asked five people to come forward to have their feet washed by some of the leaders there. The five people represented five groups of people we must empower and serve: 1) women; 2) African Americans; 3) Hispanics and other immigrants; 4) marketplace people/business leaders; and 5) the younger generation. I had the privilege of washing the feet of Danny Morgan, a 20-something associate pastor at Kingsway. It was a powerful moment and a demonstration of the way Jesus is breaking down barriers that have separated His church in the past.

God’s Healing in Nashville

** About a week after Baltimore I flew to Nashville to be a part of James and Michal Ann Goll’s Frontline Women’s Conference. James and Michal Ann have really battled for their lives this year—as both of them have forms of cancer. Yet God came in those meetings in a powerful way and it was such a blessing to see James and Michal Ann leading the services and making a sacrifice of praise. I am really honored to know these humble servants. Please keep them in prayer and ask the Lord for their total healing.

** Our meeting was at the historic Belmont Church, the church where Amy Grant and Pat Boone got their start. Cindy Jacobs, Jill Austin, Jane Hamon and Beth Alves were some of the other speakers. In my first session I was blessed to be able to minister right after Dabney Mann, a member of Belmont who has traveled to China many times in recent years to smuggle Bibles. It was a set-up from God that she spoke just before I did, because she represented the kind of humble women of character I am urging to come forward in these days of revival. I did a message on “Six Women Leaders to Avoid,” challenging the women to avoid the “diva spirit” that is running rampant in the church today. In the afternoon I did a message on spiritual abuse and, just like in Atlanta, women rushed to the altar to be healed from the pain of the past. You could almost hear chains falling in that place and women were delivered instantaneously. I am so grateful to be able to see these moments of restoration.

Posted by Lee Grady on August 23, 2007 08:28 AM

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