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Canada 2007 / Regina and Vancouver

It was really special to reconnect with my friends in Saskatchewan and British Columbia duing my visit in September ...

** Barbara Wentroble and I ministered at a women’s conference held at Lighthouse to All Nations Church in Regina, Saskatchewan. My friends Femi and Remi Oginrinde, a Nigerian couple who have lived in Canada for several years, pastor this church. We were also joined by Falma Rufus, a powerful woman of God from Dallas who serves as the lead intercessor for Barbara’s ministry. The Ogunrindes are helping to equip Canadian Christians to advance and take the land. Women came to this event from Saskatchewan as well as the surrounding provinces of Manitoba and Alberta. They got a full dose of encouragement and fresh anointing.

** On Friday I preached from the life of Hannah—delving into the three negative voices that tried to stop her from giving birth to her promise.
Afterward there was a powerful time of emotional healing for those women who have been abused. There was also an emphasis on healing from spiritual abuse from pastors and leaders who refuse to recognize the call of God on women. This has been a subtle but rampant problem in Canada.

** On Saturday I asked a friend from the church to bring a sheaf of wheat from a nearby wheat field (It was harvest time on the farms there). I gave a message about the urgency of harvest and why we need a fresh anointing for evangelism in this hour. I preached this just after learning of the death of Dr. D. James Kennedy, pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Florida. He was the pioneer of the Evangelism Explosion ministry. His death that week sobered me as I pondered how weak our evangelism efforts are today. I reminded the people that Isaiah
61:1 says, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me because the Lord has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor…” The anointing of the Spirit can give us goose bumps, experiences, visions, dreams, and spiritual gifts—but the primary purpose of the anointing is for evangelism. We must reclaim this!

** The women in Regina (and the many guys who came) really responded to this call and we had an anointing service, commissioning them to win souls and step out in their ministry gifts. Everyone also got a stalk of wheat to remind them of the message. My prayer is that we will see women stepping out in new ways to reach the harvest in Canada as a result of our time in Regina.

** After the Regina conference I flew to Vancouver to reunite with the people at West Pointe Christian Center. This was my fifth time to be with this church in the past seven years, and they have become like family. I did a Sunday morning service as well as two evening meetings at the church. I brought some teaching but also did a lot of personal prophetic ministry and spent lots of time with the pastors, John and Cal, and the other leaders including Kirk, Chris, Murray, Rose, Heather, Peter, Darlene and others. This church has weathered a lot of storms over the years, but there is a sense of faith and positive momentum building there for harvest in Vancouver.

** On Sunday night I also spoke at a city-wide prayer service held at Glad Tidings Assembly, a church that has been used mightily in past days to fuel revival in Canada. People came to this meeting from churches all over Vancouver: the crowd included evangelicals, Anglicans, charismatics, Mennonites and others. My favorite moment was when a multiethnic group of people lined up and prayed one after another in 17 different languages that are spoken in Vancouver.

** That night I shared from 2 Kings 19 about the supernatural victory God gave King Hezekiah over the armies of Assyria—who were breathing constant threats. Canadian Christians today battle a lot of intimidation from secularists, atheists and other anti-God forces. I believe the Lord sparked new faith in His people for a miraculous turnaround.

Posted by Lee Grady on October 5, 2007 09:04 AM

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