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Pennsylvania and New Hamsphire, October 2007

Although crowds often followed Him, Jesus didn’t focus his ministry on numbers. Once He visited a town called Nain—a place so small that Bible scholars have no idea where it was located. Nain is where Jesus raised a widow’s son from death. One of His most incredible miracles happened in that tiny, out-of-the way village.

** I thought of this when I went to Abbottstown, Pennsylvania, last week. You don’t usually get crowds in Abbottstown. It is not exactly a metropolis! But God met us there and people’s lives were changed in our conference. I often heard these comments: “Thank you for coming here. No one ever comes here.” And while no one was raised from the dead that night, many women in that place had a life-changing experience with the Lord. A majority of them came to the altar for prayer because of abuse.

** My favorite part of ministry is teaming up with awesome people who love Jesus and want to extend the Kingdom. In Pennsylvania I worked with Ken and Janelle Wade, who base their ministry in Indiana but do a lot of work in the Harrisburg area. I look forward to working with them again. I was also blessed that my young Russian friend, Gennady, and two young women from his church in Philadelphia came to Abbottstown to be with me. Ruth Alpha, who was part of my team to Bolivia, also joined us. Gennady and Ruth ministered with me at the altar.

** After my evening in Abbottstown I flew to New Hampshire and spent the weekend ministering at Grace Outreach, a church near the campus of Dartmouth College. This was my fifth time ministering at Grace, and this trip was the best ever. I was able to spend several hours praying with and consulting the elders of the church as they are facing leadership challenges. I did two services at the church and spoke on Sunday afternoon at Logos Fellowship, a campus church attended by international students. We had Koreans, Chinese, Nigerians, Ghanaians, Japanese, Kenyans and Caribbean islanders. And the best part is that about 12 of these students came to the altar at the end of the service to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. This campus outreach is pastored by Nicole Doyley, who was part of my Nigeria team last year.

** My favorite moment in New Hampshire was on Sunday morning, when a spirit of joyful praise broke out on the congregation. People could not contain their jubilation. One of the elders, a distinguished older guy who raises money for Dartmouth, began running around the sanctuary with a flag. Several others joined him, including Richard, a Dartmouth professor who teaches astrophysics. I told the congregation that when an astrophysics professor runs around a building to show His love and praise to Jesus, you know you are in the middle of a miracle. I believe it is a sign that God is going to pour out His Spirit on Ivy League schools, where atheism and intellectual pride once ruled.

Posted by Lee Grady on November 4, 2007 03:32 PM

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