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Mechanicsburg, Pa. and Conneaut Lake, Pa., November 2008

I loved my time at the Global School of Supernatural Ministry in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. This is the school that was started by revivalist Randy Clark, who was used by God to help spark the Toronto Blessing movement. This is the second year the school has been in operation, and about 80 students are enrolled—mostly 20-somethings. I taught for three days on 1) Biblical Foundations for Women in Ministry; 2) Biblical Foundations for Prophetic Ministry; and 3) New Paradigms for Kingdom Ministry. During the second session we had a Holy Ghost outbreak as people came to the altar to receive a fresh prophetic anointing. I stayed an extra 90 minutes after class time praying for people.

** A special highlight of that trip was having my friend Andy Byrd come from West Virginia to be with me. Andy, who pastors with his wife, Zella, in West Virginia, is planning to go with me to India in February. Andy has a real passion to minister in the gift of healing. I was also really blessed to spend time with my friend Max Myers, who is the director of the school. Max and the other leaders at Global are praying that the Lord will unleash a new wave of supernatural grace on the American church. And I want to be a part of that!

** On the last day of class I had lunch with Randy Clark. That was a real treat. Since the mid 1990s Randy has seen incredible miracles break out in his meetings all over the world. Yet he is a very humble man and he has not allowed the attention to go to his head. He laid hands on Andy and me and asked the Lord to impart a greater grace for miracles. I am expecting the supernatural to follow me whenever I preach the glorious message of salvation in Jesus.

** I preached at both Sunday morning services at Lighthouse Church of Deland, a community about 45 minutes north of Orlando. The pastor, Dave Walker, sometimes asks me to minister in his church when he is on mission trips—and I don’t mind being a “substitute.” We had an awesome day. I preached about the lost axe head from 2 Kings 6, and reminded the people that we cannot see true kingdom results until we recover the supernatural power of God that was on display in the New Testament church. Almost everyone in the church came to the altar for a fresh infilling of the Spirit.

** The weekend before Thanksgiving I did a special conference on the Holy Spirit at Victory Family Worship Center in Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania. My friend Pam Anderson from Fort Worth spoke, along with the pastor of Victory, Bruce Ladebu. We had an awesome time of stirring people’s spiritual hunger. I did a new message called “Becoming Wild for God”—which is based on Ezekiel’s vision of the four-faced creature in Ezekiel 1. I talked about how God has called us to have the apostolic strength of the bull, the evangelistic boldness of the lion, the prophetic vision of the eagle and the humility of a man. God wants to transform us into bold people who will do exploits for Him!

** One of the things that seems to be happening most in my meetings lately is that people are getting baptized in the Holy Spirit. We had several come to the altar in Deland to receive the baptism in the Spirit for the first time. This also happened when I went to Victory. In fact, my favorite moment at that conference was when the Holy Spirit zapped a young lawyer on Saturday night. He has been going to the church for a while but had never had this experience. He stayed at the altar for a long time, basking in God’s presence, after he received his prayer language.

Thanks so much for your prayer support. I am really thankful for your friendship.

Posted by Lee Grady on December 1, 2007 01:44 PM

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