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Ministry Highlights of 2007

I am so thankful for all the people who stood with me in prayer during my ministry assignments in 2007. The best part of ministry is the relationships I make along the way. Thank you for your love, your friendship, your counsel and your financial participation.

Here is a short summary of the wonderful things God did through The Mordecai Project this past year:

** I traveled to eight foreign countries in 2007: Bolivia, Canada, El Salvador, England, Indonesia, Nigeria, Peru and Singapore. Here in the United States I did conferences and other events in 11 states: Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, West Virginia and Vermont. If I counted correctly, I preached 93 times.

** The “Daughter of the King” television show I taped in Egypt began airing in the Middle East in June. According to our latest reports, the offices are being flooded with responses from both men and women from Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco and some European countries. The sponsor of the program is also distributing the “Daughter of the King” booklet in Arabic to all those who respond by mail. An amazing door has opened in the Arab world to touch women with the gospel.

** The TV shows I did in Bolivia were aired nationwide and to many other Spanish-speaking nations. Men and women in Latin America are learning that Jesus can change the machismo culture.

** My book “10 Lies the Church Tells Women” was translated into Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese and Russian in 2007. Those versions will be published soon.

** The Lord used me to bring personal prophetic encouragement to many people as well as to congregations.

** Here are my Top 10 Highlights from this year’s ministry trips:

1. Seeing hundreds of men and women saved in La Paz, Bolivia. Also, on the second night of the conference, we made a bold prophetic statement by using a drama about “El Pepino”—a clown who represents machismo to all Bolivians. After I called the clown on stage he was tackled, “killed,” and put in a coffin. People all over Bolivia heard about this or saw the video, and they spread the news that “El Pepino is dead.” It made a profound impact on the nation.

2. Changing mindsets in Peru. After the conference I did in Lima with Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow, the network of churches that sponsored the event decided to begin ordaining women. Recently they sent the first of many trained, empowered women into Peruvian villages to start churches.

3. Speaking at the Apostolic Women Arising conference in my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. I will never forget the night we gave every woman in the audience a plastic baggie of Georgia red clay as a prophetic token to remind her of her spiritual inheritance. (Thank you Jacquie Tyre for digging up that dirt!) It was awesome to see the women of the South be commissioned and empowered.

4. Reconnecting with my friends Bill and Rebekah DeConna, who pastor Victory Church of Gainesville on the University of Florida campus. I spoke there two weekends in 2007, and my daughter Gloria has been visiting there now that she is a UF student. This is an awesome church!

5. Getting to see Trinity Christian Centre with my own eyes. This is the church that Naomi Dowdy pastored for 30 years until she handed over the leadership to Dominic Yeo. The church has grown to 6,500 people and it is involved in missions in more than 30 countries. When I spoke there in February, they took up their annual missions offering—and it was more than $5 million U.S. dollars. It was awesome to see how God has raised up believers outside the U.S. to lead the way in spreading the gospel.

6. Seeing many people filled with the Spirit in 2007. This seemed to be a trend throughout the year. So many people are hungry for this experience and God was faithful to send His power.

7. Washing the feet of immigrant pastors from Africa and India at a meeting in south England. We held our leadership retreat at Ashburnham Place, an English manor that is several hundred years old. Many of the church planters in England today have come from Africa, India and the Middle East. I asked the British and Welsh leaders to wash the feet of the immigrants, and as we did we prayed that God will deliver the church from racism. It was a powerful moment.

8. Eating a strange-smelling fruit called durian in the streets of Jakarta with my Indonesian friends who lead worship for Pastor Indri Gautama. Some people (including Indri) hate durian, but I got a great sermon illustration from that experience. Durian is like a personal trial: It looks ugly and thorny on the outside, and it smells terrible, but on the inside there is something sweet!

9. Climbing an active volcano in El Salvador. i did this with Juan Carlos, Norberto and three other guys from Kemuel Church. It took us three hours to climb up and one hour to slide down!

10. My “wild ride” from Warri, Nigeria, to Port Harcourt with Al, Gennady, Anthony, Bill and our driver, all crammed into a tiny four-seat taxi along with 16 suitcases. We are still praising God that we did not get carjacked that night. Ministry in Nigeria is always an adventure!

** Ministry is not a one-man or a one-woman show—it is about partnership. And I am really grateful for the awesome people I was able to minister with this year. I am especially thankful for the people who provide spiritual oversight for me and my ministry: Barbara Wentoble of International Breakthrough Ministries has been a huge encouragement to me this year and I am grateful for her; her husband, Dale; and the IbM family. I also am so thankful for my mentors in the Pentecostal Holiness Church, especially Doug Beacham and Bane and Barbara James. And of course my Nigerian father in the faith, Mosy Madugba, continues to encourage me. There are also seven men who have been a “circle of accountability” for me—Chris Maxwell, James Graham, John Chasteen, Bruce Ladebu, Robert Ricciardelli, David Cannistraci and Bill Palmer.

** I was also blessed to minister this year with Naomi Dowdy from Singapore; Indri Gautama from Indonesia; Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow from Atlanta; Max and Nina Myers from Mechanicsburg, Pa.; Pam Anderson from Dallas; Harold and Kathleen Presley, missionaries to England; Jill Austin from Los Angeles; Kirk and Jeanelle Wade from Indiana; Bev Abt and the Getting Free ministry team; Femi and Remi Ogunrinde of Canada; Kim Daniels from Jacksonville, Fla.; Mary Jo Clouse from Orlando; and many others.

** I really hate to travel alone, so I am grateful for the men who were able to travel with me during 2007—Andy Byrd, Charlie Daniels, Brandon Duck, Anthony DeGreef, Steve Ghiringhelli, Charles Gregory, Bill Pahl, Gennady Vitorsky and Al Yorker. I am also blessed that Ruth Alpha, Carmen Rendon and Sandra Figueroa-Torres could be a vital part of our ministry team in Bolivia.

** Finally I am so thankful for the many new friends in ministry I made this year: Alberto and Sylvia Comacho from Bolivia; Carlos Paredes and Adan Carvallo from Peru; Yinka and Deola Ojo from Nigeria; Harry Gomes from Coimbatore, India; Norberto Bernabeu from El Salvador; Sola Osinoiki from England; Eddie and Beth Taylor and Chris and Terra Jones from Lake City, Fla.; Andy and Zella Byrd from Bluefield, West Virginia; Terry and Beth Bailey from Baltimore; Danny Morgan from Baltimore; Paul G. from India; John Stitt from Norman, Okla.; Tim and Sheila Zellers from Naples, Fla.; Randall Hollman from Naples; Terry Wise and Doug Houghton from North Carolina; and the awesome eldership team from Grace Outreach Church in New Hampshire.

Thanks to all of you for your amazing friendship. I pray that 2008 is a year of fulfillment, spiritual fruitfulness and great advancement.

Posted by Lee Grady on December 26, 2007 02:34 PM

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