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January 2008: Jacksonville, Florida; Covington, Georgia; and Colorado Springs, Col

Thanks for praying for my ministry trips in January. Here’s a quick summary of three amazing events I spoke at:

** January 9: It was an honor to address the Charismatic Leaders Fellowship, a group that has been meeting for networking and dialogue for more than 30 years. Some of the pioneers of the mainline charismatic renewal movement attend this meeting each year—representing Lutherans, Presbyterians, Anglicans, Methodists, Pentecostals, Catholics and some independent charismatics. Francis MacNutt, whose amazing healing ministry has touched hundreds of thousands of people, convened this meeting. Lance Wallnau and I were the speakers this year. I shared for a full day on the seven paradigm shifts the American church must make in this season. There was a precious sense of God’s presence during the ministry time when we prayed for these veterans to receive fresh oil and new strength. I see these men and women as true veterans who deserve spiritual medals for their years of service to the body of Christ. We need them to hang around several more years so they can impart their wisdom to the younger generation.

** January 18: I flew to Atlanta to speak at the annual Breakaway young adult conference. This event has been held for about 15 years and is sponsored by Family Discipleship Minstries (FDM)—a loose federation of charismatic churches in Georgia and Florida that focuses on youth and college students. About 200 young people jammed into the Georgia FFA camp for a weekend of worship, teaching and football (and snowball-throwing, thanks to an unusual temperature drop on Saturday). We had a blast.

** I was introduced to FDM last year when I spoke at Christian Heritage Church in Lake City, Florida, pastored by Eddie and Beth Taylor. We struck up a friendship and they invited me to be a part of the FDM family during this conference. It was so encouraging to find a family of churches that stress the importance of evangelism. I don’t see that everywhere. I met many awesome people, including Rodney Thrift, a pastor from south Georgia who is effectively reaching the city of Waycross. Rodney is one of the few men I know with a heart for “the bubbas”—rural Southern men (i.e., rednecks) who prefer deer hunting over church. In Waycross, they like both!

** I taught two sessions on Saturday, challenging the young people to surrender to the power of Pentecost. Some were baptized in the Holy Spirit and others repented publicly for racism. That night I preached on “Becoming Wild for God” from Ezekiel 1. We had a large group of people come forward to acknowledge a call to cross-cultural missions, and I prophesied over some of them. During worship, which was led by an awesome praise band called Simple Fool, I noticed that a young man named Jake was doing total backflips on the side of the auditorium. So after the message I asked Jake to do his backflips in front of the crowd to help us shed our inhibitions in worship. Everyone gathered at the altar and we began to dance. For the next 30 minutes people passionately worshiped the Lord—even those who felt shy about dancing. A powerful sense of liberty was released over the group, and I think they carried it home.

** January 21: From Atlanta I flew to Colorado Springs to minister to the international board of Protestant Women of the Chapel, the official women’s ministry of the American military. Most of these women are wives of servicemen, and they conduct Bible studies and discipleship programs on U.S. Army bases. It was exciting to learn that most of the leaders of this group are Spirit-filled women who are hungry for God and passionate about reaching military families for Jesus. They specifically wanted me to pray and prophesy over each member of the board. The Lord was with us that night—I prophesied past 11 p.m. and God really encouraged these sisters. He also released specific strategy on how they can make more of an impact in this needy mission field.

Posted by Lee Grady on January 25, 2008 02:51 PM

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