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April 2008 / Ecuador

Thank you all for praying during my mission to Ecuador. I love that country and felt so at home there. Here are some highlights of the trip:

** The Lord put together an amazing team for this conference. The speakers were Igna Suarez, an apostolic leader from Colombia; Milagros Aguayo, who pastors with her husband, Guillermo, in Peru; Mercedes Dalton, leader of the Global Alliance ministry in El Salvador; Andrea Francisco, a preacher and worship leader from Argentina; me; and the conference hosts, Jimmy and Aida Cornejo, who pastor the 4,000-member Centro Cristiano in Cuenca. Igna also brought her assistant, Susan Combs, an American missionary who was worked in Colombia for many years.

** Up to 2,000 people attended the sessions, which ran from Thursday night until Sunday. Many men came even though it was billed as a women’s event—because the men are hungry for God and they also want to change their view of women. We addressed the terrible condition of women in Ecuador and offered healing to them as well as teaching to help shift people’s mindsets about gender issues. Xavier, who runs the church’s tape ministry, said a record-breaking number of people were ordering the CDs from this conference.

** The altars were often jammed with women who came to be healed from a poor self-image, from the wounds of abuse, or from the lack of love from their fathers. So many women in Ecuador have suffered from rape, molestation and domestic violence. But the presence of the Lord was tangible in every session as He came to touch His daughters and heal them from the pain they have endured for years.

** What blessed me most about this event was the fact that the speakers all have experienced terrible abuse—and yet they have risen above the pain to become healers. One of the speakers was molested when she was five. Another was rejected by her father. One was raped by a young man in a gang. Yet today these women are mobilizing an army of compassion to reform Latin America. It is a beautiful testimony of God’s grace.

** It truly felt like we were on the verge of a revolution as the messages came forth. It was amazing how each speaker’s message built on the previous sermon. On Saturday I preached a message called “Donde Estan Las Reformadoras?” (“Where Are the Women Reformers?”) in which I challenged them from the Bible and from history to change society. It was obvious that God is empowering Latin American women to shift to a new level. When the women came forward in that session to be set free from the fear of speaking out, the Holy Spirit sent a wave of His fire.

** Women came from as far away as Quito, Ecuador’s capital, and from some rural areas as well as from the largest city, Guayaquil. Also on Saturday, just before I spoke, Aida invited a famous young woman named Cristina to give her testimony. Cristina has been in a wheelchair all her life, with no use of her legs. But after she spoke out against discrimination of Ecuador’s physically-challenged community she was elected to political office, even though she is only 22. Now she is being used as an agent for change in the country. I was able to prophesy over her—and she was very intrigued by what God was saying to her. We talked further about it during a dinner with the speakers on Sunday. Pray for this amazing young woman, who is seeking God for a full revelation of His love for her.

** The Lord handpicked my translator for this event, as He always does. This time it was the church’s youth pastor, Gabriel. I believe he will be taking this message all over his country. He also prayed for me to learn Spanish quickly so that one day soon I can preach fluently. It is awesome to see how God is raising up a new breed of men in Latin America today. They are strong in God but they want to be loving servants of their wives rather than tyrannical overlords.

** We are now forming an alliance of like-minded ministers who are addressing the problem of machismo in Latin America. I am really honored to be a part of this team with Igna, Milagros, Jimmy, Aida, Andrea and Mercedes. We are planning the next regional conference for Lima, Peru, in mid-March 2009.

Posted by Lee Grady on April 14, 2008 10:31 AM

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