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June 2008 / Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia

June was the month to be with immigrants in the United States. I love working with immigrant congregations. I was with a large Nigerian church the first weekend of June, and then with a Russian church the next weekend. It is so awesome to serve these precious people who represent the diversity of the body of Christ.

*** At the Nigerian church, Jesus House in Silver Spring, Md., I spoke at a women’s conference. I loved working with Pastor Omo Ghandi-Oloaye and her team. My heart was knit with these folks immediately because of my previous trips to Nigeria. They fed me moin moin (mashed black-eyed peas) and jollof rice—my favorite Nigerian dishes. We also had quite a time dancing. On Sunday morning I was drenched when the service was over!

*** The highlight was on Saturday evening when I zeroed in on the issue of marriage. From Numbers 36 I ministered on the story of the daughters of Zelophehad, and how they had to marry within their tribe in order to keep their inheritance. This is a crucial message for women who truly want to serve in ministry. They must marry within their tribe! If they marry a man who is not a Christian, or who does not believe women can be in ministry, these women could forfeit their dreams. This is crucial in the Nigerian church because there is so much pressure on women to marry by a certain age. I was able to pray for many single women who were being tempted to marry a man who was not God’s best choice for them.

*** By the end of the weekend the women were begging me to come back and minister to the men in the congregation. This is because Nigerian men can be very dominant, and they are not used to hearing preachers speak about treating your wife with respect or empowering her for her ministry. I am told that I will be getting an invitation to come back soon!

*** I then jumped from Nigerian culture to Russian culture. Did anyone else know that there are more than 600,000 Russians in Philadelphia? I spent the weekend at Word of Life Church, which is led by Pastor Nickolai Novik. He escaped to the U.S. from Belarus when it reverted to communism a few years ago. His son, Alex, and another young man, Gennady, have become dear friends of mine and I was there to perform Gennady’s wedding. Gennady has traveled with me to Peru, Bolivia and Nigeria.

*** Russian weddings are long affairs—this was lasted from 10 am. until almost 6 p.m! Everything I said in the wedding ceremony was translated into Russian. Alina was a beautiful bride. After the wedding I went to Gennady’s brother’s home, where we had an impromptu prayer meeting with some of the church’s youth. They are so hungry for God and I was able to prophesy over all of them.

*** On Sunday I did both morning and evening services. In the Russian Pentecostal community there are a lot of tensions between generations—over culture and traditions. Older believers don’t really trust American influences (can you blame them?) and the young people don’t want to speak Russian or do things the Russian way. So on Sunday night we had a powerful move of God. I talked about generational conflicts and then had the young people come to the front of the church and spread out in a long line. There must have been more than 150 of them. Then I asked the older folks to stand in front of them, and they prayed for each other for a long time. It was a powerful time of healing and a rift was repaired.

*** Later that night I had an altar call for those who wanted to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. Many came forward and there was a powerful time of ministry. During that time a Russian Jewish girl who was visiting for the first time asked Jesus to be her Savior! Also another visiting Russian man gave his heart to the Lord at the altar. I prophesied over many people in the church that night, including several of the youth leaders. It is obvious that God is moving among these Russian youth and He plans to use them to reach the United States.

Posted by Lee Grady on June 20, 2008 09:02 AM

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