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October 2008 / Wales

Normally when I return from a ministry trip I feel weary and worn out. Today I feel strangely invigorated because of what was imparted to me while I was on this trip to Wales. I did not just give to others. God gave back to me.

I will share about the meetings in Wales in a moment. But first I must tell about my visit on Monday to Loughor, Wales, where the Welsh Revival erupted in 1904. I was able to go inside Moriah Chapel, where a young Evan Roberts preached and witnessed the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on a group of believers. What happened in those early meetings began to spread until, within a year, up to 100,000 people were converted to Christ. Do it again, Lord!

I feel I touched something holy while I was in Moriah Chapel. I know God does not live in shrines, and the cloud of His presence does not linger over places of revival history. He does not want us to worship the past. He moves on, looking for new hearts to ignite. Yet when I went to Loughor, the message that was preached there was quickened in my memory (I’ve read many accounts of it) and my heart was filled with a longing for the kind of revival that brings holy conviction, deep repentance and thousands of conversions. I did not feel particularly stirred while I was in Moriah Chapel, to be honest; but it began to grow over the course of the next two days. (You can read my column about this experience at www.fireinmybones.com.)

Some highlights of my trip:

** My Welsh friend Carl Brettle, who reminds me of Evan Roberts in many ways, was my host during this trip. In 2004 he mobilized Christians around the world to pray for Wales for 1 million hours. Some significant ministries have been born in Wales since that time, and churches have been strengthened. They still have a long way to go, since few people in Wales today attend church. (The revival died out, partly, because so many men who were saved at that time later were killed in World War I.)

** When I arrived I went to the city of Blackwood for the Impact the Nation conference, which Carl hosts every year. I spoke there three times—twice on God’s heart for evangelism and once on women in ministry. For the most part women still face an uphill battle in Wales, and male chauvinism is subtle but very much alive. However I learned that many women were involved on the front lines of the Welsh revival more than 100 years ago. I intend to research that more in the days ahead. That is a legacy we need to reclaim for Wales.

** During Impact the Nation some were baptized in the Holy Spirit and others repented of running from God’s mission for their lives. I was especially blessed when a young man came to the altar to repent for abusing drugs. I was also able to prophesy over individuals including the pastors of Oasis Christian Center, where the conference was held. We had attendees from England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, the Isle of Man (I did not realize until this trip that it is a separate country with its own language, Manx) and a few other places.

** On Sunday I preached twice in the morning and once at night at City Temple, a large charismatic church in Cardiff, the capital of Wales. Pastor Chris Cartwright and I hit it off immediately. We are now talking about doing a women’s conference next year for women in Wales. In each of the services at City Temple people were baptized in the Holy Spirit. Also in the first service, after I gave an altar call for salvation, a man came from the back of the auditorium to give his life to the Lord in front of the congregation. He had come to the church for the first time and had no friends there, but God met him. Now heaven is rejoicing.

** On Sunday night I did a message called “What Happened to the Power?” and in one segment I shared how Muslims are coming to Christ today in the Middle East because they are having spiritual dreams. After I finished praying with people that night, a young Iranian woman shared with me how she had come to the Lord six years ago because she dreamed about Jesus. He told her she would be a missionary and now she is in training to be one. God is sending Iranians to evangelize Europe!

** On the next evening I spoke at a special meeting called Band of Brothers, a gathering of men in Cardiff. There were men from many countries including Spain, Malaysia, Nigeria, Congo, Zambia, Aruba and New Zealand. I addressed the issue of domestic violence and how men should treat women with Christ-like character. You could hear a pin drop as I talked about how a godly man should serve his wife as an equal.

** On the last day, Carl drove me to Stoke-on-Trent, England, where I recorded three half-hour radio interviews about my book “10 Lies the Church Tells Women” for British audiences. I believe the Lord is opening new doors for this message to spread in Europe.

Thanks so much for your love and support.

Posted by Lee Grady on October 16, 2008 04:06 PM

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