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October 2008 / Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Tampa, Florida

It was awesome to serve with Ray and Renaid Almgren during the recent Empowering Women’s Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Oct. 24-25 event was held at Covenant Church of Pittsburgh and attracted women from 61 different churches. There was such a great sense of racial and denominational unity in the meeting, and many male pastors also participated. (I am always so grateful for the guys who come to stand with me!)

** A breakthrough occurred on Friday night when I asked the pastors to come to the stage to repent for the way men had treated these women. I always ask the women to keep their eyes open during this time—they need to see the men kneeling on the stage as a visible sign from God of His love and healing. At that point many of the women began to wail as the Lord started draining out the pain of abuse. Some of them collapsed on the floor but we had plenty of prayer ministers to help them. It took a while to pray for all the women who came to the altar, but by the end of the night all had experienced transformation.

** I taught that night about Dinah, the daughter of Jacob who was raped. The saddest part of Dinah’s story is that she is never heard from again after she was abused. Yet Jesus has come to heal the wounded heart and restore her innocence and her voice. We saw God do this in many lives. Ray and I prayed for one woman who told us she had been raped repeatedly by male relatives and even by a stranger. And she had never told anyone about these incidents. The Lord removed this woman’s shame, and He did a similar work in so many others.

** We had a great dance team during the conference and I asked them to do some spontaneous choreography during my message on Saturday. As I was preaching about Esther, and how God is preparing His women for this strategic season, the dancers came to the stage and modeled the new wardrobe that the Holy Spirit is giving women today. It was powerful to see these seven different types of clothes (boldness, emotional healing, forgiveness, wisdom, humility, supernatural anointing, and authority) modeled in a visible way. If you would like the DVD of this teaching you can contact Ray and Renaid at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

** After the conference I went with my friends Bruce and Aricka Ladebu to Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania, to speak at their church—Victory Family Worship Center. Bruce is a great friend and has traveled with me to Guatemala and Indonesia. In a message about the prophet Jonah I challenged the people to refocus their priorities on evangelism.

** This past weekend I was in Tampa, Florida, speaking at a conference led by my Nigerian friends Imena and Chisa Nosamiefan. We had an awesome time in God’s presence and the Lord was releasing encouragement to many women who had become weary and discouraged. There were women there from Jamaica, the Bahamas, Senegal and Nigeria as well as the United States. I love the way the Lord is drawing together so many from diverse ethnic backgrounds for His kingdom purpose.

Posted by Lee Grady on November 3, 2008 05:32 PM

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