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November 2008 / San Jose, California

We had an awesome time at the Daughter’s Inheritance Conference sponsored by Gateway City Church in San Jose, California, last weekend. It was hosted by Kathy Cannistraci, wife of pastor David Cannistraci. I was blessed that David also attended and supported me throughout the weekend. The event was actually held at the Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center. This is a beautiful retreat in the redwood forests of Northern California, not far from the coast. Mount Hermon was founded in 1905 and Billy Graham has preached there often.

** I did four sessions on “The Daughter’s Inheritance.” (1) Confidence; (2) Healing; (3) Perseverance; and (4) Authority. In each session the women experienced deeper levels of freedom. During the first session they listed their fears on note cards and brought them up to the altar. Many of them expressed fears of public speaking, but the Lord smashed those fears and challenged His daughters to arise in a new boldness. In the second session we dealt with issues of sexual brokenness, rape, molestation and abuse. Even those who had experienced some healing in the past found new breakthroughs that morning. In the third session we dealt with the labels that people have put on them. And in the fourth session we had an official coronation ceremony as all the women marched down the aisles to the front and allowed the Lord to crown them with His authority, just as Esther was crowned.

** Many of the women told me that could not believe that a man was actually saying these things to them. Although these women enjoy great freedom at Gateway, many of them have been told in previous churches that their gender disqualifies them from ministry. The Lord broke these lies this weekend and released amazing encouragement.

** I had a special experience this weekend when I discovered a display of historic photos in the Mount Hermon dining hall. I learned that Presbyterian Bible teacher Henrietta Mears—who founded the Gospel Light publishing company—taught at Mount Hermon for 33 years until her death in 1963. I wrote about her in my first book because she is an example of a woman who became a spiritual mother for a generation. It was Henrietta Mears who helped launch the ministries of both Billy Graham and Bill Bright. It was an amazing thing to realize that we were standing in the same place where Henrietta Mears taught. It was like we were re-digging a well of revival—and challenging women to follow in that amazing woman’s footsteps. The Lord challenged these women to realize that through mentoring they can also be spiritual mothers to men and women who will change the next generation.

** Here is a special testimony about a woman who came to the conference from another church. This story proves to me that God is in the details of our lives! I will let one of the participants tell this story in her words:

“Thank you, Lee, for giving your time to come all the way to California and minister to our women at The Daughter's Inheritance Conference. There was such a ministry of healing that occurred there that extended beyond the meetings and was present during our meals and other times of fellowship. I want to share one testimony with you, and although it is a unique miracle, it is just one example of what God did during the conference.

“On Friday morning during the prayer time you called out a woman [who was crying at the altar] and you said, ‘This woman needs a mother's hug.’ One of our ministry leaders from Gateway City Church was standing directly behind her but knew that she was not the one who was to give her the hug. The leader of our altar ministry, a beautiful 75-year old woman named Rita, began to make her way towards the woman you had the word of knowledge about. Although this took several minutes due to the crowded altar and the fact that Rita was up on stage, no one else stepped in to give this sister a hug.

“When Rita finally reached her and embraced her, Rita said she felt a powerful anointing. This precious woman wept for several minutes while Rita continued to embrace her. It turns out that this sister’s mother abandoned her as a child, and her mother's name was Rita. To have a true mother named Rita minister to her was a powerful breakthrough of healing. Some may just call this a coincidence, but this woman is forever changed and blessed by the fact that God knew exactly what she needed.”

Posted by Lee Grady on November 13, 2008 05:42 PM

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