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Report From Manitoba, Canada / March 2009

A few years ago I told the Lord I would be willing to go the out-of-the-way places. That might explain how I ended up in Dauphin, Manitoba, last week. This small Canadian community is a four-hour drive northwest of Winnepeg—and in the winter it is blanketed in snow. I flew there in a snowstorm on Perimeter Airlines---the only airline I've ever flown where they give you earplugs before takeoff. Talk about an adventure in aviation!

I preached four times during the “Flow in the Snow” conference sponsored by New Life Centre. The temperature got down to minus 20 F during the meetings, but the fire of the Holy Spirit showed up anyway! Here are some highlights:

** I made some great friends in Dauphin. My hosts were Scott and Alice Allen who pastor New Life Centre. They are graduates of Christ for the Nations Institute and have pastored in Dauphin for many years. They are building a healthy church that is reaching the community. I also connected with Pastor Mike Bolton and his wife, Debbie, who pastor Prairie View Christian Assembly. I spoke there on Sunday morning and really felt at home with their awesome congregation.

** In the past few months the Lord has led me to really focus on the need for personal holiness and repentance. I am convinced that the church must embrace the fear of the Lord in a fresh way. The Lord is holding His holy plumb line over the church and we must make sure we are building according to His code. I emphasized this in Dauphin and many people came to the altars find healing and restoration.

** There is no way I can begin to list all that God did in individual hearts during those sessions. Some people were delivered of fear and inferiority. The Lord began to heal a woman who had been molested as a child. Men were set free of sexual bondage. In one altar call a large group came for prayer to acknowledge that they were so discouraged they were thinking of quitting. The Lord brought waves of encouragement to many people. There was a lot of repentance on Saturday night when I talked about 10 ways that we quench the Holy Spirit.

** From the moment I landed in Dauphin I began to sense a burden from the Lord for the First Nations people—the Native Canadians. Manitoba has one of the highest percentages of aboriginal people in Canada, and they are a needy mission field. We had some Native people in our meetings. One of them was a young teenager named Dakota who has had a rough life in the past. The Lord really encouraged Dakota during the meetings and I was able to pray with him. I wish you could have seen him dancing in the aisles on the last night of the meetings.

** On the last night we had people from more than six churches in Dauphin—including the two main charismatic churches, plus Lutherans, Anglicans, Baptists and even a few from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. I challenged them with a message about God’s call to Samaria. All of us are called to reach Samaritans---people in our local area who are from a different race or culture. God was really calling the churches of Dauphin to reach the Native community. Many responded that night to say that they want to reach out in some way to First Nations people. At one point during the service, after I challenged people to repent of racism, some of the First Nations people in the audience began to weep. It was a healing moment. Then I asked the two charismatic pastors to stand in front with a few of the Native people and they linked arms. We prayed that the Lord would unite God’s people and heal the divisions between Native and Anglo Christians.

** I came home from Dauphin with a burden to do something to help the Native women in that region. A high percentage of them suffer in abusive situations. I am praying about going back to that area to do a women’s conference focusing on Native women.

Posted by Lee Grady on March 9, 2009 09:47 AM

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