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The Mordecai Project Newsletter

Big Changes for the Gradys

I wanted you all to know about a big change in our lives. On Nov. 30, 2009, I resigned from my position as editor of Charisma magazine after 17 years of employment there. It was a bittersweet moment because I have invested so much of my life in that magazine and in the people who work there.

I am not completely ending my involvement with Charisma. I will be serving as Contributing Editor and I will still write my “Fire in My Bones” column, so you will still hear from me that way. But I am stepping down from day-to-day involvement. I am passing the baton to Marcus Yoars, a brilliant young editor who has worked in our department for more than two years. Marcus will be able to navigate Charisma into its new season and bring a fresh new edge to the magazine and its various digital products.

All of you know that I have been very involved in ministry the past few years and I have a packed travel schedule. I plan to continue the work of The Mordecai Project and will be expanding that in the years to come, as the Lord provides. Meanwhile, I have also taken a part-time position as editor of Experience, the magazine of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church. I am ordained with the IPHC and this is my spiritual family. I will be working more closely with their leaders to effectively communicate to their audience through the magazine.

This new job will also allow us to move to Georgia, my original home and where I have wanted to live for quite a while. We will be living closer to my parents and two of our adult children. We will settle in northeast Georgia, possibly in Franklin Springs, where the magazine office is located, or in nearby Athens, or somewhere in that vicinity. We will not move until the summer, after our youngest daughter Charlotte graduates from high school. My time with Charisma will end on January 30, and the new job with Experience will begin March 1.

Deborah and I would appreciate your prayers as we make this transition. This is not easy for us because we have loved our time in Orlando—our friends, our church, my job and the wonderful ministry opportunities that emerged during our time here. Also our third daughter, Gloria, has three more semesters at the University of Florida, and our youngest daughter, Charlotte, will be starting college next fall.

But we know that seasons change and that God has something special for us in Georgia. I believe 2010 is a strategic year for all of us to "cross over" into our new territory. I am expecting it to be a year of great advancement.

When you pray, please agree with us for provision, favor, wisdom and clear direction in regards to every detail. We appreciate your friendship very much.

Posted by Lee Grady on December 12, 2009 05:27 PM

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