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The Mordecai Project Newsletter

January 2010: Georgia, Tallahassee and Yuma, Arizona

Thank you for praying for me during my travels in January. I had three exciting events during the month:

…In Jackson, Georgia, I spoke at the Fearless Women’s Conference hosted by my friends Rick and Donna Moncrief, pastors of Joshua’s Place Church in Jackson. The women who came to this event live in rural Georgia, where ironclad traditions about women and the church are still in place. Yet God spoke powerfully to them, and the focus was on breaking free from fear to obey the call of God. On the last day I spoke about the fear of public speaking, and then I challenged the women to run up to the microphone if they had this fear. Many of them stood and declared boldly how they believe God wants to use them. It was a special moment.

…It was really great to have my oldest daughter, Margaret, attend the Jackson conference. She brought six young women from Emmanuel College, where she is now associate campus pastor. It is exciting to see how the Lord is developing Margaret’s ministry.

…The next weekend I spoke at the Encounter 2101 Conference at Evangel Assembly of God in Tallahassee, Florida, pastored by Teryl Todd. I preached in this event along with John and Anne Bosman, South Africans who have ministered in the U.S. for many years. It was a very encouraging time of renewal. I preached on “The Lost Axe Head of Genuine Anointing” and “The Lost Message of Consecration.” I also did a luncheon for pastors on the last day.

…On the first night I prophesied over Pastor Teryl, his wife and the Evangel staff. I brought an actual axe on stage to use as a prop in telling the story of the lost axe head from 2 Kings 6. At the end of the message I asked Pastor Teryl to come on stage, and then I asked his father, an anointed minister named John Todd, and Rev. Bosman to come up and pray for Teryl as we placed the axe in his hand. We were asking God to bring a fresh new anointing of the Holy Spirit on Evangel Assembly. Some people were baptized in the Holy Spirit and others went to a deeper place of consecration. The work continued the next night when John Bosman taught on supernatural impartation. God is doing something special in this church. And I truly believe He is restoring the lost axe head of genuine anointing to us in this hour of spiritual awakening.

…Last weekend I was in Yuma, Arizona, to speak at the annual ImagiNations Missions Conference hosted by Mt. Zion Church. I met Mt. Zion’s pastor, Tom Renard, when I was in Australia two years ago at ImagiNations Church in Sydney. The pastor of that church, Jack Hanes, is very close to Tom Renard and Mt. Zion’s founding pastor, Tom Messer. We have all become close and this was a special time to renew our friendship.

…Pastor Jack Hanes explained during the conference that his church in Sydney is planting a new church in the city of Darwin, Australia, in three weeks. Two years ago I prophesied in a meeting in Sydney that Jack’s church would plant a work in Darwin—a growing but unreached city on the northern coast of Australia near Indonesia. God’s promise has come to pass. I am looking forward to visiting the Darwin church some day.

…One of the highlights of the Yuma trip was connecting with Ralph and Victor Rosas. These are two Mexican-American brothers who have started a church in San Luis, Mexico, near the U.S. border. Our hearts were knit and I am going to be going back to Yuma soon to sponsor a women’s event in San Luis. I also met their mother, Irena, who has been using the Spanish version of my book 10 Lies the Church Tells Women to reach the inmates at a women’s prison in San Luis! This message of freedom to women is going literally behind bars!

Posted by Lee Grady on February 9, 2010 07:40 AM

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