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The Holy Spirit is Not for Sale


The Holy Spirit Is Not for Sale:
Rekindling the Power of God in an Age of Compromise

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Paperback: 235 pages

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For more than sixteen years, veteran journalist J. Lee Grady has kept a finger on the pulse of the charismatic and Pentecostal renewal, which restored the power of the Holy Spirit to the church, but which now suffers from abuse. Since many Spirit-empowered believers have lost their original focus and purity, Grady delves into some of the problems that plague churches and ministries: financial scandal, faulty theology, moral failure, and more. Yet the message of this fervent journalist, who loves the gifts of the Spirit, isn't one of condemnation and finger-pointing. Instead it is a clarion call to restore the fire of supernatural anointing with biblical boldness, purity, integrity, humility, truth, justice, and compassion. Grady longs for every believer to find or recover a genuine experience with the Holy Spirit. Among the topics he addresses are • the genuine work of the Holy Spirit • strategies for developing healthy leaders • how to set up proper accountability structures • why so many churches and ministries have imploded in recent years With extraordinary insight, a keen eye for discernment, and a desire to see the church purified and believers empowered, Grady gives a straightforward and ultimately affirming message that will expose the problems and ignite believers with God's fire.


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