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Resources and Links


The following Web links will provide you with additional resources that relate to Lee Grady’s ministry.

International Pentecostal Holiness Church

Lee has been affiliated with the IPHC since his ordination in 2000. Today he serves as director of publications for the denomination and edits the IPHC's monthly magazine, Experience. The IPHC's growing network of churches is involved in missionary work around the globe. The head of the IPHC’s mission department, Doug Beacham, is one of Lee’s mentors. You can learn more about the IPHC at this site.

Charisma Magazine

Lee Grady currently serves as contributing editor of this award-winning monthly publication—which is full of news, inspirational teaching and profiles of Christians who are making a difference in the world today. When you go to Charisma’s site you can also access Lee’s bi-weekly online column, “Fire in My Bones."

Christians for Biblical Equality

Lee serves as an advisor for this organization and has spoken at its conferences. CBE is an evangelical ministry committed to spreading the truth about gender equality to the church worldwide. On the CBE site you will find helpful articles as well as the best online bookstore on the planet—full of excellent materials about women in ministry, the healing of abuse and many other topics.

Below are links to some of Lee’s reference board. These are Lee’s most trusted mentors and role models. He encourages you to support their ministries, read their books and discover why he is so indebted to them.

David Cannistraci

David is senior pastor of GateWay City Church in San Jose, California. His book The Gift of Apostle is one of the best ever written on the subject. David is a dear friend of Lee’s and a frequent contributor to Charisma.

Barry St. Clair

A youth evangelism specialist, Barry led Lee Grady to Christ back in the mid-1970s when Lee was a teenager. Today Barry continues to be recognized as a leading voice in youth ministry. He works in many denominations and travels internationally but has always been available to counsel and encourage Lee in moments of crisis and difficulty.

Daniel Brown

Even though he lives on the other side of the country, Daniel is a mentor and role model to Lee. A leader in the Foursquare denomination, Daniel has planted many churches from his home church, The Coastlands Church in Aptos, California. His book Enjoying Your Journey With God is one of the best resources ever written to help new Christians mature in their faith.

Barbara Wentroble

One of Lee’s favorite speakers, Barbara is a gifted woman who carries an apostolic and prophetic mantle. Her books and recorded messages carry a strong anointing. Every time Lee has listened to her he has come away with an impartation. Barbara is based in Dallas, but she spends most of her time overseas, training leaders and bringing spiritual breakthrough to nations. Lee is a member of Barbara's apostolic network and looks to her as a mentor in ministry.

Chris Maxwell

One of Lee’s closest friends, Chris is the campus pastor at Emmanuel College in Franklin Springs, Georgia. Chris has functioned as a pastor in Lee's life for several years and they meet regularly for encouragement and accountability. In 1997 Chris contracted encephalitis and suffered seizures and some minor brain damage as a result. God did miracles to help Chris overcome the illness, and he wrote a book detailing his journey. Changing My Mind is a must-read!

Samuel Lee

Born in the Middle East, Samuel Lee now lives in Amsterdam, where he leads a unique church made of Nigerians, Ghanaians, Filipinos, Koreans and Iranians. Lee has ministered in Samuel’s church several times and feels a special bond with Samuel—who now provides apostolic oversight to church leaders in dozens of countries. You can find out more about Samuel’s books and other resources at this site.

John Chasteen

Lee jokingly refers to this guy as “Coach Chasteen” because John is an expert on the subject of mentoring. A seasoned minister who has served as a pastor and as an overseer of many church leaders, John now teaches Christian leadership at Southwestern Christian University’s Graduate Program. Lee hopes to enroll in this program soon, but until then he is trying to get as much free advice from John as possible. Find out more about SCU’s graduate degree in leadership at this site.


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