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I have been to India three times, preaching in several districts. So far I have ministered in Hyderabad, Rajamundry (in Andra Pradesh), Coimbatore (in Tamil Nadu), Patna (in Bihar State), Punjab and three cities in Kerala. Women in India face a difficult struggle because of gender prejudice. In some poor areas, lower caste women actually are known to kill their infant girls because they don't want them to suffer as women. In the cities, some middle class women commit suicide because they can't talk openly about the abuse they suffer at home. Sometimes men threaten to harm their wives if they refuse to get more dowry money from the bride's parents. The gospel offers great hope and healing to the women of India.

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In Punjab, North India, during a pastors' conference
In Punjab, Nort...
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With my friends Raja and Padme in Tamil Nadu
With my friends...
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With Harry Gomes and orphan boys in Coimbatore
With Harry Gome...
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Many men repented during the meetings in Kerala in 2008
Many men repent...
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Here I am praying for a woman in Ranni, India
Here I am prayi...
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So many women in India have suffered from violence and abuse.
So many women i...
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Biju Thampy leads men in a prayer or repentance in Kochi, India
Biju Thampy lea...
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The presence of Jesus healed many abused women in Ranni, India
The presence of...
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It was precious to have women lead worship in Kochi.
It was precious...
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