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Pictures - Guatemala

Guatemala has the highest rate of unsolved murders of women in the world. Sometimes women are gang raped and left in the streets, and police don't always file a report on the crime because of a low view of women in the culture. Domestic violence is rampant.

I have been traveling regularly to the eastern state of Zacapa in Guatemala since 2003. Although I have ministered in the capital city, I really love the community called El Rosario, near the city of Gualan. Pastor Oto Morales and his wife, Irma, are dear friends, and his congregation--Iglesia Nueva Vision--is like family to me.

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Lee praying for children in village of Saspan
Lee praying for...
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Ministry team at the church in El Rosario
Ministry team a...
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My team: Pastor Oto, Myra, Roque and Maggie, Dee and Angela
My team: Pastor...
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A needy Guatemalan family in El Rosario
A needy Guatema...
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In Gualan, Guatemala: Notice the men repenting to the women for abuse
In Gualan, Guat...
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