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Gender prejudice is very real in Nigeria, the most populous nation in Africa. Although Nigerian women are very strong, they suffer in many ways because of a low view of women in the culture. Widows are often mistreated. Domestic violence is common. In many villages, families actually have a public mourning if a girl is born! In one isolated tribe, women who get married must have their front teeth broken out to show that they are no longer single.

I have traveled to Nigeria eight times since my first visit in 2001. I have preached in Lagos, Abuja, Akure, Kaduna and Port Harcourt. I love all things Nigerian, including the food (especially moin-moin and jollaf rice!) and the wonderful worship. And in 2008 I was blessed to receive from my hosts my very own Yoruba name, "Akinwale," which means, "The warrior has come home."

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Lee praying for women at the African Women Arising Conference in Lagos, 2008
Lee praying for...
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Preaching at the African Woman Arising meeting in Lagos
Preaching at th...
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With my Nigerian mentor, Mosy Madugba (left) and Femi Ogunrinde
With my Nigeria...
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Nigerian women are stepping into their leadership callings!
Nigerian women ...
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Speakers in Lagos '07 included Funke Adejumo, Barbara Wentroble, Naomi Dowdy and Mosy Madugba
Speakers in Lag...
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Pastor Fexix Adejumo (center) with Jackson and Kelechi
Pastor Fexix Ad...
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