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Join Us in Prayer!

People from all over the world visit this website. I invite you to become an important part of The Mordecai Project by joining us in prayer. We are especially concerned about the global oppression of women. If you are experiencing any form of abuse (domestic violence, sexual abuse, economic hardship or discrimination), intercessors are available to pray with you privately. You do not have to go through this trial alone!

We are providing you the opportunity to post your prayer requests (as well as answers to prayer) and become a crucial part of our prayer support by simply getting involved. You can post your own prayers here anytime, night or day. Although your post may not be immediately visible, don't worry ... it will be there soon!

I appreciate hearing from you. Please know I am praying for you, and covet your prayers and encouragement as I strive to be faithful to God's call upon my life.


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