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Recent Prayer Requests

I invite you to become an important part of the Mordecai Project by joining with us in prayer! We are providing you the opportunity to post your prayer requests and praises to God and become a crucial part of our prayer suppport by simply getting involved!

You can post your own prayers here anytime night or day by clicking here.

Or read the most recent posted requests below.

His divine glory

Hi, this is my first here. I pray that God will ignite this ministry once again to His divine glory. Father let the power and the anointing of the Holy Spirit have full control over this site and over Pastor Grady and the Mordecai Project. Now Lord you know my desire so I ask Father in the Name of Jesus that you would grant thy servant a divine healing in my body. Father God have thou divine and appointed way today in the lives of your people in Jesus precious Name I pray. Amen.

Posted by: l.g.


Need prayer for the 9 gifts of the spirit

I derrick rowe need prayer for the 9gifts of the spirit, for power when i go out in louisville, kentucky. street minstries and praying for all souls to come to jesus with his power in operation, with sign and wonder following, thank you'all and i will pray tonight for God to be with your Ministries

Posted by: Derrick Rowe


relief from fear and tension

please pray for my relief from fear and tension and demonic disturbances.
thank you

Posted by: brahmananda reddy


We need a financial breakthrough

Dear intercessors, please support us (Thomas and wife Jackline) through prayers concerning our displacement in Gucha/Nyanza/Kenya. We need a financial breakthrough to help us resume to our position of work by May 2008, even though our properties were destroyed. Help us please. Yours, Thomas Wasike in Kenya.

Posted by: Thomas Wandera Wasike


Please pray for me

Please pray for me as I search God's will regarding whether or not to stay in the verbally abusive marriage I have been trapped in for years. My husband (who is a deacon and respected businessman) does not support God's calling on my life to serve Him, and the emotional abuse that my children and I have experienced is becoming unbearable. I can no longer allow my husband to be my "god."

Posted by: Julie


Pray for God to move me into the works

Please Mr. Grady,
Pray for God to move me into the works He prepared for me and my husbands destiny, that He would link me together with the right people and ministries to run the race and finish doing the task in God's order and his timing. For the woman of God's people to be victory-messengers to their marriages & families at first, to their friends, churches, workmates, cities, to their nations and worldwide; starting at their own home at first. For God to get women of His people free, that they will stay free and live free from whatever holds them and in bondage.
Thank God and you for your services, I really do appreciate it much. Blessings & Greetings & Thanks
Dorothea, Germany

Posted by: Dorothea Grahl-Kreuzer


Please pray for my father

Dear Beloved

please pray for my father
who is suffering from Paralasis / stroke

Posted by: Y.AMARAIAH


Please pray for my business

I need prayer for my bookkeeping business and new customers that will pay mightly for my services and business mind. Pray for new doors to open and the engery that I will need to succeed and an additional employee.

Please pray for my heart that has been abused by the religious men and women of the church. It is still mending.

In Him

Posted by: LaRae


From Marion Clark Ingram

I am so elated to be informed of the care that Lee Grady is showing toward the daughters of God in this present day. I am sixty years old, and have been doing the work of the Kingdom for almost thirty years.Yes, there is still a great censorship on the female vessel even when God greatly confirms her ministry.
I had a book published in 2005, "His Daughters Do Prophesy" by Marion Clark Ingram

It is a book of essays and prophetic poetry addressing various topics...political, social,and spiritual issues from a feminine viewpoint with the focus of reminding God's daughters that they have been given a viable place in the  kingdom of God, even through Joel 2:28, if they will simply commit their way unto the Lord and prepare themselves through the study of His Word and His ways. Through close observation, I have realized that the Father uses whomever He pleases. He is still sovereign!

Thank you for your prayers as I continue in the work of mentoring and discipleship because I believe that we are about to experience the mighty manisfestations that we have been praying and preparing for over the past few decades. Pray for unity.
In God We Trust,
M. C. Ingram

Posted by: Marion Clark Ingram


Pray for Japan

We're believing God for a divine awakening in the country of Japan....Please do pray with us for that precious country as we reach out to the with the love of the Lord Jesus shortly

Posted by: Richard


Preaching This Sunday

Pray For Power, Anointing, & Revelation

I am preaching this Sunday morning at Baptist
Church.Its Youth Sunday n they are inviting many
youths from other fellowship,also many nonbelievers...

Pray the Lord fill me up to overflowing with His
mighty gifts of the Spirit, that every heart, every
ear be a toned to the Father. May the Lord toil the
soil of their hearts and prepare the way of a mighty
transformation that Great will be the outcome.

Pray that His power will be evident in this on Sun,
and that His words will be like a fire in my bones and
that He will bless the words of my mouth and that many
will be saved.
Pray the fire of God will ignite the hearts and souls
of all people.

Charles Spurgeon was once asked what the secret to his
preaching power. In answer, he took the inquirer down
to the "engine room" of the church, where more than
500 people were praying for the sermon 1/2 hour before
the sermon started.

I need you to pray both for me and for the word of God
that will be preached this Sunday. Pray for the
anointing, pray for understanding, pray for
revelation, and PRAY FOR SOULS! Thank you for your
prayers. Praise reports coming soon!

In His service,

Posted by: RAVI


Deliverance from demonic influences

deliverance from demonic influences hard rock and heavy metal for Justin, shelia and Esther

Posted by: debra young


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