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Please pray for a church

I just read Lee Grady's book this weekend and felt like I was reading about my own life. I have recently come to a place of frustration after years of pastors trying to keep me from ministry and even at times my life being threatened in the midst of it. It seems they always have one more program for me to go through before I am acceptable, one more hoop to jump through before they would consider me. One pastor told me he was slowing me down so I would get married. Now at 34, I graduated from bible college last April (worked fulltime and did school fulltime). My school advised me to change churches and attend one in their denominiation so I might get credientials through them, I found one six months ago but they are now moving over an hour away. It is not possible for me to commute that far due to my work schedule, so now I have to try and find another church. I have been frustrated by churches in my area as many are not on fire for the Lord and many are not supportive of women in ministry. I often feel like I don't belong as a single women as well. My goal has been to work and pay off my school debt and meanwhile start stepping out in small ways in ministry. The problem is I have no clue how to. My current church requires people to attend a discipleship course for a year before they can even work in the nursery. So I haven't even been able to do anything except cook for the youth bake sale. Please pray for me as I try and find a new church. I know I can't participate in ministry related things unless I have a pastor who wants me in ministry.
I desire to work as a fulltime evangelist and also participate in some church plants. I desire to mentor others in the beginning of their faith. I also desire to see the Lord move in power in others lives. I have done every ministry under the sun, been through internships, missions training, spent three summers in Italy doing evangelism, served as a youth pastor for a short time, worked in prisons, inner city ministry, was a drama director for a large church, etc etc etc. I am fully equipped but it seems I can't find any opportunities to minister. My work wants me and continues to promote me yet the church doesn't.

Please pray that the Lord would not only send me to a great church, but one that will support me in my calling. I don't want to have to wait another 15 years before I am able to do anything. If I find a pastor who supports women in ministry I still have no clue what to do next. Whenever I ask any minister for advice the answer is always, "Your calling will make way for you", or "What you are asking me only God can answer." If I ask if I can minister with them, they usually say, "If God makes a way." Yet they will always ask the young boys to minister with them who have no experience. I am officially at my end. I tried to give up but that doesn't work. God always has a way of bringing me back to square one. All I can pray is, "Help!"

Thanks for your prayer.

Your sister Aimee

Posted by: Aimee

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