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From Marion Clark Ingram

I am so elated to be informed of the care that Lee Grady is showing toward the daughters of God in this present day. I am sixty years old, and have been doing the work of the Kingdom for almost thirty years.Yes, there is still a great censorship on the female vessel even when God greatly confirms her ministry.
I had a book published in 2005, "His Daughters Do Prophesy" by Marion Clark Ingram

It is a book of essays and prophetic poetry addressing various topics...political, social,and spiritual issues from a feminine viewpoint with the focus of reminding God's daughters that they have been given a viable place in the  kingdom of God, even through Joel 2:28, if they will simply commit their way unto the Lord and prepare themselves through the study of His Word and His ways. Through close observation, I have realized that the Father uses whomever He pleases. He is still sovereign!

Thank you for your prayers as I continue in the work of mentoring and discipleship because I believe that we are about to experience the mighty manisfestations that we have been praying and preparing for over the past few decades. Pray for unity.
In God We Trust,
M. C. Ingram

Posted by: Marion Clark Ingram

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